Tonic for Interiors

We also create our own upcycled creations from recycled furniture, using our unique ‘Bricolage’ technique combining decorative paint finishes and mural work with various materials including collage and shells. 

Bespoke Interior Mirrors and ‘Re-lived’ Furniture for Chic Interiors made by British Artists/Designers from Painted Interiors.

We sell our furniture on Etsy

Hand Crafted Frames and Mirrors

‘Painted Looking glass’ is our new bespoke range of ornate mirrors and picture frames crafted using our signature ‘Bricolage’ style predominately using shells, collage and gold and silver leaf.  Already adorning the walls of exquisite holiday homes on the island of Mustique and fashionable boutique hotels including The Stora in Umea, Sweden, pieces can be made to order or ready mades can be purchased from our online shop.

For a selection of our current designs order a copy of our ebrochure ‘Tonic for Interiors’ by emailing us at